Who is Watching When You Can't?

A lot can go wrong during the months you are away.  Could be a furnace that stops heating.  A broken pipe that bleeds water...for days.  Nor'easters that rip shingles from your roof or worse.

Even with cameras and monitoring devices, and the occasional good neighbor, it's only by chance you'll catch a problem.

 And you are still hours away.


We Are Here When You Aren't

There is a better answer, a live human being that is here when you aren't.  Checking your property inside and out.  Regularly and after storms. Available for dispatch at a moments notice should an alarm be triggered or a neighbor does call and say "you have a problem".



Our HomeWatch™ service provides the security and comfort that a professional property manager is watching over your home.

  • On site regular visits - as often as you want.
  • Visitation reports with pictures and commentary.
  • Thorough inspection of your property inside and out.
  • Inside: furnace, electrical, plumbing and pipes, water intrusion detection, security & smoke alarms.
  • Outside: Siding, Roof, windows, entrances, property grounds. 
  • Emergency response & arranging for emergency repairs. 


Piece of Mind Is Right Here

And it's affordable.  For as little as $79.00

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