Property Rental Marketing

How Do You Market My Property?

The internet has forever changed how property is marketed, as well, how  rental clients "shop" for a rental property, which is why the internet is an integral part of our property marketing strategy.

We utilize an extensive network of highly respected property listing web sites that enable us to reach prospective customers around the world.  We augment this presence with an active social media presence on web sites that include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and travel planning web sites such as Tripadvisor® .

And we still use the more "traditional" marketing methods including property signs, local advertising, and a variety of direct mail/direct response programs.

Lastly, and perhaps one of the most effective, time-tested, marketing tactics is nurturing positive comments from our past rental clients.  "Word-of-mouth" and positive testimonials posted on social media sites and travel web sites remains one of the most powerful marketing "tools" available.  We work particularly hard to foster and promote positive comments and client referrals.

Do You Reach International Renters?

Absolutely.  Our marketing reaches over 1,000,000,000 (yes, 1 billion) prospective rental clients in 100 countries.  The increase in exposure to a largely affluent audience in international markets one way we achieve an increase in rental occupancy and rental rates. 

Does it work?  Most certainly.  Just recently  we welcomed a large family from Dubai who enjoyed 5 weeks of vacation in Kennebunkport.  They were overjoyed with their rental property and our service.  Dubai residents vacationing in Kennebunkport Maine!  Who would have guessed!

Do You Screen Prospective Renters?

For year-round properties we conduct a thorough background screening including credit and criminal screening, employment verification, and checking references from prior property rentals. 

For short term rentals we look closely at credentials and renter attributes.  We do not rent to persons under the age of 25, nor do we rent to unrelated groups of people (unless they are associated with a business or official organization).  Lastly, we will not rent your property if the total number of occupants exceeds your stated maximum. 

Do You Require Renters To Pay A Security Deposit?

Yes, this could be in the form of a monetary amount we hold until the rental period concludes, or an actual short term damage and owner liability insurance policy.  These policies are inexpensive yet they provide substantially more coverage than a typical traditional security deposit.

Can I Place Restrictions or Impose "Rules" For Renters?

Absolutely, and we strongly encourage you to do so.  Typically restrictions include the maximum number of occupants allowed on the property.  Also whether you will allow rental clients to bring their pets.  We always advise owners to prohibit smoking of any kind inside the residence.  You can even stipulate the total number of guests who may visit the property.

What Do You Charge For Marketing & Management Services?

That all depends on the scope of services you are asking us to perform and typically we charge a percentage of the rental rate with the balance paid directly to you.  We are happy to provide more specific details as well as a quote for our additional optional services.

Full service property rental and management

Do You Require A Contract?

Yes, however, the length of the contract will depend on the type of property and scope of services you are asking us to perform.  Typically, for vacation property rentals, we require a contract period that covers one complete season.  We are happy to provide more details when we know your requirements.

How Will I Know When My Property Has Been Rented?

For short term rentals, such as those associated with vacation rentals, we will notify you each time your property has been rented.  We also provide you with a secure and dedicated "owners web site" that will show you want rentals have been secured and what dates remain open and available.

What Rental Rate Should I Set For My Property? Can I Change It?

Pricing your property is perhaps the most important decision in the rental process.  This is where our Market and Property Assessment Analysis yields the highest value for property owners.  We will show you where your competition is priced, the overall demand picture, and then recommend a price that achieves your desired goal, be it maximizing income or occupancy, or both!

As we know, market conditions and demand can change quickly.  A "hot' market for rental property may offer you the opportunity to raise your price.  Conversely, a slow market may signal that a lower price or other incentives may be appropriate.  Just know that our goal is is to maximize your total yield from the property and we will keep you abreast of conditions that may warrant a change in your rental price. 

Is There A Minimum Rental Period?

No, although, we do recommend for vacation properties you offer prospective rental clients the flexibility to choose a rental period that best suites their schedule.  Typically during peak season, we advise a minimum of one week.  On shoulder seasons this could be as short as a long weekend.

In the case of off-season rentals for properties where the peak season is during the summer months, the rental period begins on October 1st and runs through May 1st or June 1st.  

For year-round rentals, the minimum rental period is typically one year from the date the lease is signed.   

Can I Reserve Time For Personal Use Of My Property?

Yes, absolutely and there are two ways to do this.  The first option is to decide in advance what dates you want to reserve.  For those dates we will simply show your property as being "rented".  The second option, which does require some flexibility on your part, is to occupy your property during periods when it is not rented, and, typically, you will know this the week prior.  Naturally choosing the latter option will ensure you are maximizing your rental results.

Will My Property Be Safe?

This is perhaps the most often asked question, and understandably so.  

In our experience the the answer is generally yes, rental clients will take good care of your home.  For mid to upper range properties the clients who rent your property typically show a great deal of respect for the rental property.

That said, accidents do happen.  Perhaps it is as minor as a porch screen that is sent ajar, or a window broken by the kids playing ball nearby.  In all cases, renters are required to pay for any and all damages.  And our renter insurance policy is designed to protect you and your property from more serious incidents.

Because accidents do happen, we strongly recommend that all valuables, especially irreplaceable personal items, be removed from the property.  And we will show you how to arrange your furnishings in a way that helps reduce the risk off property damage or possible injury. 


Complete property management services

Are your property management maintenance services included in the rental management contract?

No they are not, and the reason is simply that we do not want to charge you for something that doesn't break. Our property maintenance services are priced based on the particular service that is required.  What we provide is a "one stop" service for a wide variety of home maintenance issues. We have trained handyman (and handywomen) that can fix or replace just about anything.

Are your property maintenance services available to anyone?

Yes, however, we do prioritize service calls for our property management clients.

Do I have to be a property management client to use your B SHINE cleaning services?

Good news, the answer is no, not at all!  B SHINE professional residential cleaning services are available to everyone.  

I love the idea of having someone check in on my property during the winter, what does that cost?

For remote property owners having someone they can trust stop by their property and just "check on things" can be incredibly comforting, especially after bad storms or particularly cold weather.

Our "Eyes-on-Property" service is available to our property management clients only and involves a personal visit by one of our Property Managers on a weekly basis.  They will perform an exterior and interior inspection of your property and look for any anomalies or issues that may need the owner's attention.

Property Managers will send a visitation report to the owner and include photographs and observational comments.  This is a monthly subscription service and as such owners are free to start and stop the service as they see fit.  Please contact us for additional important information regarding this service.

What services are associated with closing my property in the fall and opening it in the spring?

Our services for performing fall closing and spring re-opening takes two of the least popular "to-do" items off your list.

In the fall we will winterize your property by turning off water, draining pipes and water heaters, turning off natural gas supply lines, storing outdoor furniture, covering porch screens and covering exterior windows (should they exist for the property).  If a heating system exists we will set the system based on homeowner instructions.  If electrical power is not required we will turn off power at the main electrical panel.

In the spring, we drain anti-freeze from the pipes and water tanks and flush all with a clean solution; restart electrical systems; remove and store window protective covers, and ensure all electrical and plumbing systems are working normally.  We then do a thorough "spring cleaning" of the property.

This optionally priced service is available for our property management customers only.