And thank you for visiting our web site.  My name is Dave Middleton, I'm the owner of Property Management Services of Maine.  

The most important fact "About Us", and the #1 reason customers choose us, can be summed up in two words:  Service and Trust.  Service that is reliable, responsive, and of the highest quality.  And trust that we will care for their property as if it were our own.

Service and Trust.  It's our bedrock, the cornerstone of my firm's operating philosophy, and my personal guarantee to each and every client.   Call us, we'd like to show you the best property management service in all of Maine.


My Passion For This Business is Deeply Rooted in Personal Experience

We love bringing people to Maine, for summer vacations or winter sojourns; or perhaps to live here far away from the tensions and pace that exists south of our border.  

Our passion is rooted in our own personal experience as our family would await our trek to Maine each summer, which we did year after year for decades.  (You can read more about why I am so passionate about this business at "Our Story").


About Our Business

Our business, and sole objective, is providing exceptional property management services to residential property owners.


We don't sell real estate, or develop property, or anything other than just focus on delivering exceptional residential property management services.  

We believe this focus leads to excellence, and it is the reason customers choose us.

We take great pride presenting Maine as the best place on the planet to vacation or just stay for awhile, and we love showing them the properties we proudly represent. 


We Are Dedicated to Our Property Owners...

...And to achieving our owner's goals of generating a dependable rental income while ensuring the safety and security of their homes.

We respect the trust and faith they place with us to market their ensure the safety and security of their property...and to maintain their property keeping it clean, inviting, and presentable.

Our guiding principle: "Manage our client's home as if it was our own."



As we are all about property management, we offer our clients an extensive array of property management services.

  • Property rental services for vacation & year-round homes.
  • Rental client screening, leasing, & rent collection.
  • 24-hour emergency services.
  • Residential cleaning services.
  • Landscaping and yard maintenance.
  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Winterizing summer homes.
  • Opening homes in the spring.
  • Snow removal.
  • Monitoring vacation properties during the off-season.


Our Strategy: Market Globally, Manage Locally

We start with global property marketing, reaching prospective rental clients across the USA and in over 100 countries around the world - that's over 500 million prospective renters.

And, since we operate locally, based here in Southern Maine, we are able to personally care for both our rental clients and our owner's properties.

This operating strategy creates the perfect blend that ensures everyone is well cared for and happy.  And that makes us happy too. 


Our "Special Sauce"

While there may be a few property management firms that offer similar services (but I promise, not nearly as well as we do it ) ... a major difference is how we service your rental clients.

We work closely with rental clients to help them plan and manage their summer or winter vacation, or their relocation to Maine.  Our vacation planner together with our virtual concierge app places Maine literally at their fingertips with special offers, discounts, and other goodies.  Our goal:  Ensure a memorable vacation built on an exceptional rental experience.


Now You Know A Little Bit About Us...

... Our passion for this business, and for our owner's and rental clients.

... How we operate, our strategy, and the value we bring to both property owners and rental clients.

... And what makes us different, and we think, a  significantly superior company to manage your property.